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Friends! As "Tresident" of Toronto350 I've been working with amazing people pushing for a just transition away from fossil fuels and  toward renewable energy.

Over the last few years I've learned that climate change is an intersectional issue - I've heard about the struggle of migrant workers, some who fled their homes because of extreme weather (resulting from climate change), and I've met people who are facing environmental racism and standing up for their basic human rights. The Chippewas of the Thames Supreme Court Case really put things into perspective for me. And the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) showed this environmental racism so clearly - Bismark, a white community rejected a pipeline that was then redirected through the Standing Rock Sioux's community. They also rejected it but DAPL didn't care - their sacred burial grounds were dug up, followed by water cannons and rubber bullets being aimed at their water protectors. Policies and procedures don't seem to matter when industry is destroying Indigenous communities. We've seen similar violence against the Aamjiwnaang, Attawapiskat, Grassy Narrows, Chippewas of the Thames, and other communities. And yet Canada was built on the the Two Row wampum belt covenant, the Dish with One Spoon, and other treaties that talk about living together peacefully to protect Turtle Island (aka North America).

So I'm worried and angry that "people over profit" is only a chant and a dream, and won't ever be a reality. And I'm sad and guilty that I haven't done more for the First Nations people of Turtle Island.

But Toronto350 is a place that has given me opportunities to do more (ie supporting Chippewas of the Thames). It has helped me to appreciate the wonderful moments in my life - moments of laughter, joy, and mystery. This is where I find hope. There's the energy of new people bringing all kinds of skills and ideas to the movement. And people healing their relationship with nature, either at Unist'ot'en or taking a walk in Tkaronto and noticing the trees.

I hope you'll consider making a donation today to keep Toronto350 going - so it can be a place for me and others to create the world we want to live in.

In Solidarity,
Tresanne Fernandes


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